Tips for buying gold in WildStar

wildstar guide

Gold as one of the most important asset of a WildStar player. Gold allows players to purchase everything they need for the game, including skills, equipment, spells, repairs and gear. Players can earn gold through various quests and by selling goods to vendors and other players. It is even possible for players to spend real money to buy gold for WildStar.Before the game final release ,pls just take a few minutes to learn How to Buy Gold in WildStar.

Compare prices and estimated delivery time. There is a huge price variance from seller to seller. Some companies may deliver the gold in 5 minutes, while others can take up to a week. If you have just high level you may be anxious to purchase, so the price is less of a concern.

Select a reliable gold vendor. It is really important to pick a reputable vendor. There are plenty of people who promise to sell gold but never deliver it to you. There are a few ways to pick a good vendor–for example, get a recommendation from friends. Also, find someone who uses PayPal so you can dispute the payment if the vendor does not send your gold

Fill out the form to purchase gold for WildStar. The form should ask various questions: your game server in-character game and billing information.Last take your WildStar gold and have fun with the game !



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