Buy WildStar Gold Through Auction House

wildstar_goldBuy wildstar gold via auction house delivery is the most safe method, there are two details you should pay attention to when you listing auction items.

1. prepare cloddy high lvl items or some mats as auction item, please don’t use items which you can buy from NPC or ingame vendors, coz we all know its price.
2.setting ‘Starting Price’ as 50G, ‘Buyout Price’ as 5000G, Duration as 48 Hours, shown in the following screenshot. Most of you just ignore starting price or set buyout price close to the order amount which we don’t recommend.

Setting ‘Starting Price’ as 50 G makes your auction items almost invisible to normal AH browsers.The less people see your auction items, the safer the transaction will be. We’ve done tests in wildstar auction house, and it’s impossible to find out sample items within top 20 screens sorted by high (low) Current Bid in AH.

Once you place an order for wildstar gold, here are tips for you how to list items. Take a 30,000G order for example, just list 6 items for 5000G, Please don’t forget set starting price..


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