FIFA 16 Defending Can Meet Skill Players

You must be bothered with this problem that what can i do when we meet a skill player in FIFA 16?  The only thing we can do is to defend. In fact, it is necessary to improve your fifa 16 account defending ability against the skill move. My article provide some method to teach you stop the top skill players exactly.

Firstly, use the jockey button (LT) and wait for him to do a mistake, and then tackle the ball. I usually force him down the wind by blocking the passing options in the middle. When he’s about to cross the ball, if you keep on jockeying, he will most likely hit you and you get the ball. Calling a second defender is also very effective, especially if you force him down the wing because then you have 2 players surrounding him, and he is left with no other choice than crossing the ball.

In fact, most skill player tend to concentrate on only using 1 or 2 players to try and beat your defense, and move the ball around very little. They might have a weakness in heading or moving the ball around to keep possession very well. Therefore, by frustrating them when they are trying skill moves, this will force them to play in a way they aren’t comfortable with.

Always remember to be patient, and don’t dive into tackles. After a few attacks, most skill player start to become quite predictable with which skill moves they use in which position on the pitch. It’s then just a case of luring them into that position, where you can predict their next move easily and make a tackle. The best way to beet skill players or play defending well is to use some top players, you can buy them with enough FIFA 16 coins.


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