The Basic View of WildStar Runecrafting

Runecrafting is a core profession in WildStar that is automatically available to every player at level 15 after doing a short quest. Unlike other professions, Runecrafting does not utilize skill trees or a leveling path.



By default, you can earn Runecrafting components via monster loot and salvaging items throughout the game. You can assemble these parts into runes at each faction’s major city at the Engraving Station.


Runecrafting serves as a primary method for customizing the stats on your gear in this way. At later levels, there are Rune Sets available that provide set bonuses for using certain amounts of specific runes.




WildStar Guide:The detail introduction of WildStar Abilities System

The abilities system in Wildstar is very flexible and user-friendly, thanks to the option of modifying the abilities. The whole set of abilities in the game is called the “Action Set Builder”. It should be noted that at the 20th level, the character gains an additional Action Set tab, which gives the option of creating two different builds that can be switched at any time, out of combat (for example a DPS build and a Tank build.)

In this tab, you can see all the abilities that you’ve learned. Here you can increase their level, which makes them more powerful. In order to do that, you will need an adequate amount of “Ability Points”, which are obtained when advancing to a higher level.

wildstar Abilities

The abilities are divided into several groups: Assault, Support, Utility and Path. In the last one, you can find those abilities that you obtain when advancing to higher levels in your Path.

The names of the remaining sets correspond to certain statistics. For example, abilities from the Assault tree are enhanced by Assault Power from weapons. The same goes for Support, and Utility abilities are improved also by Support Power.

There are some restrictions to distribution of points on abilities. To advance to a higher Tier you have to be on the required level of experience and to select Tier 4 and Tier 8 you have to spend as many as five points. Don’t worry about the points that you’ve already distributed, because they can be taken back from an ability and given to another one at any time. In this way you can try many different combinations with no loss of points.

To obtain a new ability you need to be on the required level and buy the ability in Ability Kiosk. You can find it in some of the camps and in bigger cities. What is more, an Engineer can summon such Kiosk for one minute in any place, or even build one in one of the special places that are designed for it.

How to build up your first House in WildStar

housing in wildstar

Everyone wants to have a quiet, peaceful house somewhere out of the civilization. In WildStar you can build one when you get to the 14th level.

When you meet requirements, you just need to go to the house’s hologram in your capitol and interact with it. Then you’ll be moved onto your own backyard.

Housing Building and Edition
First of all, set up your house. In the right bottom corner you should see options you can choose:

WildStar housing

Landspace – building all structures on your land. With that panel you can build your first house. Most of houses which you can make depends on your level, so your choice at the beginning will be rather poor. There is no possibility for building walls and setting up rooms on your own.

Besides house, you can make a garden, place for a party or some mines, which will respawn mineral deposits. Very useful for crafting. Of course, those things break from time to time, and you have to set up a new one.What is more, you can set up challenge place – when you complete it, you get a reward. Challenges regenerate from time to time.

You can also upgrade them. To upgrade a structure, you have to have a proper FabKit. FabKits can be found during exploration of the world or from missions or crafting.

House – you determine how it looks from outside. Appearance of roof, walls, door and sky. You can, for example, make fireworks explodes constantly.
Crate – it’s your inventory with items you can place on your property. If you have decoration in your regular inventory, you have to click on it with right mouse button to transfer it to the crate. Then just click on “Place” to set up an item on the ground.
Vendor – shop with various items you can set up next to your house. They are rather expensive.
List – list of all your items set up on your property.

You have a house, so now decorate it. It’s enough to enter the crate and choose what you want. Click “Place” and the item is on the ground. It is recommended to click on the item and to drag it where you want to place it and then enter the “Toggle Advanced Control” tab. You should see a window of edition where you can choose the size of the item, move it and turn as you like.


What can you do with the Mounts in WildStar

wildstar mount

Upcoming sci-fi MMO WildStar isn’t just about carving out a corner of some twisted alien planet. It’s about making that corner your own, decorating it to your tastes, and putting a bowl of ramen atop your giant hamster ball.The varity of mounts is a great feature that attracts many players. It allows players to travel quicker than walking but slower than a Taxi or teleporting.There are mounts include Bulldog hoverboard.There are many things u can do with the Mounts.

1.You can buy riding skill and your first mount at level 15 for 10g.
2.You can buy Hoverboards at level 25 – price ~24g
3.Advanced riding skill comes at level 40 (costs around 35 gold, increases mounted speed by 15%).
4.Once you buy a mount, it goes into your inventory. Use it from there.
5.How to mount? Press Z
6.Mount button is placed at your bottom left corner. It is activated by keyboard button “Z”. There is a small arrow on this same button. You can use it to bring up a pop up menu with list of all mounts you have in your possession.
7.Summoning mount takes around 1,5-2,0 seconds. If you move during this time, it gets canceled.
8.The Hoverboard is the only mount that allows double-jump.
9.You can use Hoverboard on water.
10.The sprint key also works on your hoverboard
11.Mounts can’t be used in PVP or PVE instances

The guide to WildStar Adventure in detail


Adventures can be defined as an easy dungeon mode, similar to Wow’s scenarios, but with a numerous choices. Unlike dungeons, while playing Adventures, players should focus more on strategic elements: making a right decision and choosing the best path.

Adventures are made for a 5 man group. You can however join with smaller group and still complete them, but winning gold or silver medals are going to be less possible.At launch, there will be 6 Adventures in total. Riot in the Void and The Hycrest Insurrection are Faction based. Because of that, playing one race will let you experience 5 adventures in total.

The first two adventures Riot in the Void and The Hycrest Insurrection distinct from others by their ability to let players vote for one of the given scenarios, several times during the adventure. After voting for one of the offered scenarios, you should complete your tasks as soon as possible, if you want your gold medal. Fact that there are a lot of sniper enemies spread among these maps makes it unique. In general, you should avoid as many unnecessary fights as you can.

War of the Wilds is described as MOBA style of adventure. Battle for territorial dominance against the five toughest champions in the universe! This adventure also introduces capturing various points / flags throughout the adventure. While this various tasks are efficiently done by splitting up the group, you can also defeat a couple of strong neutral creatures, but with the whole group. This is the most popular adventure.

The Siege of Tempest Refuge is tower defense adventure. Within this adventure you are supposed to defend your post versus incoming waves of enemies from different directions. There are 10 different groups and in each wave you’ll be facing five of them, in different order. This is one way of tower defense. The other way is using NPCs available at the start of adventure in your favor. Positioning them correctly on different spots, you can use their help during defense. These NPCs level up and get stronger during the adventure, thus, try to keep them alive.

Inside any adventure you’ll obtain missions that must be completed. Completing each task in timely manner, rewards you with medals at the end of the adventure. These medals give additional and better loot.

A deep look at the WildStar dungeons

 wildstar  dungeons

Wildstar will have lots of instanced 5 man dungeon content and some of them will be available in veteran mode. Veteran mode will be more difficult and will only be available at max level.Outside of getting loot from each boss you will be able to get different medals (Gold,silver,bronze) for completing the dungeon well and you will earn additional rewards.

During the dungeon you will pick up public events. Public events are quests for you to complete while in the dungeon. You will also get optional public events and even challenges while in dungeons. The optional objectives are randomly selected every time you a dungeon.

Dungeons will have trash mobs, known as “base pop” (base population). They are aiming at base pop to take up 10-15 min between boss fights, and will be more interesting to fight than traditional trash mobs.There will be random changes happening to the dungeons to keep them fresh. This could be that during a period of time certain abilities could be tweaked or changed; bosses could be switched around to a different order or even a new boss being available.

There is likely to be a group system based on voting, where people vote on which path to take in the dungeon. The conditions will change everytime so that it is not always the same optimal path.Carbine is aiming at dungeons to take about 1 hour to complete.

There are currently three dungeons that have been revealed.
1.Stormtalon’s Lair
2.Ruins of Kel Vorath
5.Sanctum of the Swordmaiden


Tips for buying gold in WildStar

wildstar guide

Gold as one of the most important asset of a WildStar player. Gold allows players to purchase everything they need for the game, including skills, equipment, spells, repairs and gear. Players can earn gold through various quests and by selling goods to vendors and other players. It is even possible for players to spend real money to buy gold for WildStar.Before the game final release ,pls just take a few minutes to learn How to Buy Gold in WildStar.

Compare prices and estimated delivery time. There is a huge price variance from seller to seller. Some companies may deliver the gold in 5 minutes, while others can take up to a week. If you have just high level you may be anxious to purchase, so the price is less of a concern.

Select a reliable gold vendor. It is really important to pick a reputable vendor. There are plenty of people who promise to sell gold but never deliver it to you. There are a few ways to pick a good vendor–for example, get a recommendation from friends. Also, find someone who uses PayPal so you can dispute the payment if the vendor does not send your gold

Fill out the form to purchase gold for WildStar. The form should ask various questions: your game server in-character game and billing information.Last take your WildStar gold and have fun with the game !